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Helping Hand Home Buyers is a family-based company, serving Texans all over the state. More than anything else, we strive and commit to seeing our customers happy. Our main goal is to help the situation.

We’re expert home buyers.

Everyday, we come together and strategize. Our strategy includes planning, executing, and delivering services to people who really need our help. We built our business around real-life experiences, so we know what the customers are usually thinking. We consist of a friendly staff, with years of experience. We really are a team of homebuyers here to help you move on from your current home, and get you in a new home.

We’re different than the rest.

Most of the time, customers think there has to be a catch to our offer. That it’s too good to be true. Not with us. You will tell the difference within the first phone call. We customize each process and genuinely want to help you with your specific situation. We want to know your story, so we can find the strategy that works best for you. We will gladly take the time to compile that plan, and fully explain your options to you. That way, we can guarantee you assistance where you need it, and overall success with your home.

We have tips for selling your home.

We’re in the real estate market every day, which is a great benefit. Being a part of the market allows us to see the specific trends all the time. That means, when you work with us, you’ll get the best deal for your home. We’ll also have the flexibility with your timeline and your payment options. We will gladly share any and all tips for selling your home that we have gathered over the years.

We are flexible, and have options just for you.

Going through a divorce? Needing to relocate quickly for a job? Facing foreclosure all of a sudden? Life happens, and sometimes you just need your home sold. We can help you with advice, assistance, and just the entire selling process. We buy homes as is, and keep the process simple.

Need your house sold today? Know you need to sell your home, but not sure when? We’re flexible, and able to take your home off your hands when it works best for you. It doesn’t matter when – our main goal is always to keep your needs at the top priority.

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