A quote from us is hassle-free, and doesn’t require any sort of commitment. Our company is centered on helping you as much as possible. When you work with us, you won’t pay closing costs, you don’t have to do any repairs to the house, and could even get paid on the exact date you need.

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Contact us for all of your options, and to get your home sold today!

Check out our How It Works page to see how the process works with us. We are ready and willing to quote your home, and get your house off your hands as soon as you need. Don’t wait any longer and give us at Helping Hand Home Buyers a call today!

Thinking about selling your home?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, our staff is friendly, helpful, and here to help. The only question to be asking yourself is, “How much do I want for this house?” If you decide to work with us, like so many have done, you will see we are the nearest, best option for your real estate needs.

We keep the process simple, so you can sell your home.

Selling a home can be complex, time consuming, and overwhelming. Not with us. We want to ensure your home is taken off your hands as soon as possible. Our simple process consists of purchasing your home, filing the appropriate paper work, and taking care of other technicalities. We have based our strategy off of real-life experience, ensuring we provide the easiest, most helpful process out there.

Need to sell your home fast?

Some of our clients need time to get things in order before they can sell their home. Some clients however, need the house sold by the end of the week. We cater to both clients’ needs, and everything in between. If you need your home sold fast, we are your best option. We can quickly assess your home, give you a free quote, and get your house sold in no time.

We know Texas real estate, and we know how to help.

We are real Texans and proud to help people with real estate across the state. We keep up to date on training, education, and trends to ensure that we are efficient and more than adequate. With our experience, we can provide just about any type of home buying experience. If you’re thinking about getting top dollar for your house, great. We can list the property on the MLS to ensure you get top dollar for your house. If you’re ready to sell NOW. We will compare ALL the options and you ask yourself, “What’s the best option for me? Do I need to sell my house for cash? Do I maximize my equity and sell my house now with owner financing? Do I keep my house?” The answers will be clear