Are you thinking about selling your home?

Deciding on what to do with your current home can be overwhelming. Over the years, we have come to master the process for buying and selling homes. One thing we have learned – it’s not easy. Luckily for you, we do all of the heavy lifting – even literally. With our experience, we’ve found an easy 3-step process for you here at Helping Hand Home Buyers:

1. Contact us for a free quote.

Once you contact us, we listen to see how the puzzle fits. To prepare a quote, simple inspection to assess the home and estimate repairs. We don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t expect you to put a thought of work into repairs. We buy houses as is. The inspection and quote are free, and are without obligation. Let’s start with the best feet forward!

2. You sell your home fast when you choose to work with us.

After you receive the quote, you can take your time to make the big decision. We are ready to buy, when you are ready to sell. When you work with us, you experience provide a fast, thorough, and organized sale. We are here to help you, so we are not here to get the upper hand on the deal. Working with Helping Hand gets you the most for your home, right when you need it.

3. We pay in cash, and close on the date of your choice.

Our expert staff knows the real estate of Texas, and is here to help you through the entire process. This process includes a timeline that works for you. Need to sell your house this week? We can work with that. Need time to get things in order? We are here when you’re ready. This deal is on your timeline, and at your pace. It’s also helpful to note we pay you cash for selling your house if that is the easiest route for you. Some people need to go through a bank, which we can do too. The bottom line is, here at Helping Hand Home Buyers; we are flexible with the process.

There’s even more perks when you choose Helping Hand.

We save you money when you sell without a realtor AND save on closing costs. Also, with your best interest in mind, we have found that customized processes work best. What you need may be entirely different than the neighbor down the street. If cash for your selling your house is a need, we have you covered. We also save you money when you can sell without a realtor, or have to pay for closing costs.

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